Puerto Galera Spa in Sabang

Pampered Spa is the best Puerto Galera Spa located in Sabang. We have a wide variety of services you can choose from, packages to suit your specific needs and a great staff and facility for you to have a nice and relaxing time in our spa.

Below you will find the different types of spa services we offer along with packages to choose from. Please use our contact form or call us to schedule an appointment. If you’re in the area, just drop on in and we’ll see if we can take care of you right away.

Pampered Skin

Let your beautiful, clear skin shine through with best facial treatment in town.

  • Relaxing Facial – P800
  • Acne control Facial – P1000
  • Basic Facial & Diamond Peel – P1200

Pampered Body

Rejuvenate and pamper yourself with our relaxing spa treatment

  • Shiatsu Massage – P500
  • Aroma Therapy – P 500
  • Hot Stone Massage – P1300
  • Ventuza /Cupping – P800
  • Pampered Massage (Combination of Shiatsu , Swedish , Thai Massage & Reflexology) – P500
  • Pampered Body Scrub – P800
  • Pampered Body Scrub with 1 hour Body Massage – P1200

Pampered Hands & Feet

  • Foot Spa with Reflexology – P550
  • Reflexology Foot Spa & Pedicure – P800
  • Hand Spa with Reflexology – P500
  • Manicure – P250
  • Pedicure – P250
  • Ear Candling with Reflexology – P800
  • Waxing (Eyebrow 350) (Under Arms 550) (Upper Lip 300) (Arms 750) (Bikini 700) Brazilian 1250) (Half Legs 750) Full Legs 1250) (Chest 1250) (Back 1250) (Whole Body 6000)

Spa Packages

  • Pampered Body Massage and Relaxing Facial , Service time is minimum of 2 hours –  P999
  • Body Scrub combination of 1 hour Relaxing Body Massage and Relaxing Facial , Service time is minimum of 3 hours – P1800
  • Foot Spa with Pedicure and Manicure plus 1 hour Relaxing Body Massage , Service time is minimum of 3 hours – P1300
  • Hot Stone Massage with Relaxing Facial , Service time is minimum of 3 hours – P1800
  • Ventuza /cupping with Relaxing Facial , Service time is minimum of 3 hours – P1350
  • Manicure & Pedicure with 1 hour Relaxing Body massage , Service time is minimum of 2 hours,  – P800
  • Waxing (Eyebrow 350) (Under Arm 550) (Upper Lip 300) (Arm 750) (Bikini 700) Brazilian 1250) (Half Leg 750) Full Leg 1250) (Chest 1250) (Back 1250) (Whole Body 6000)

About Pampered Spa

After spending a long vacation at one of the most luxurious spas in Manila, Pampered Spa founder Maylen Cooney saw a big need in the Puerto Galera area. While for many years Sabang has been the home of many spas, none that Maylen has encountered had been anywhere close to the quality she experienced in Manila. So she decided to do something about it. Pampered Spa was born.

First, she carefully sourced all of the best body and skin care products in Manila. Many of these products are imported from around the world. Then, she recruited some of the most highly-trained massage therapists and skincare experts. Maylen knew that in order to have the high quality luxury spa experience she had in mind, she needed more than just a masseuse. She needed a team of true professionals.

Finally, she built the spa from the ground up in one of the most accessible areas of Sabang, taking care of every detail to create an oasis of relaxation and pampering unmatched in the area.

Pampered Spa started with only a few beds, but her staff was soon begging for her to expand the spa to accommodate the customer demand. Just a month after opening, the spa expanded to include a dedicated manicure/pedicure area, and 3 levels.

If you’re looking for a truly fantastic spa experience during your stay in Puerto Galera, Pampered Spa was designed just for you. With packages created for ultimate relaxation, you’re sure to find the serenity you’ve been searching for.

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Pampered Spa is your source of luxurious relaxation in Puerto Galera. With a wide variety of services, a spacious facility, and only the best spa products and team, Pampered is the only choice for spa services.

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